100+ Useful Examples of Preposition in Sentences

Preposition in Sentences

Prepositions are crucial features of English grammar that assist define the connections between the many clauses of a phrase. They provide our communication additional depth and precision by indicating place, time, direction, manner, and other things. Here we will examine the preposition in sentences and give you more than 100 examples to help you better comprehend them.

Understanding Prepositions

Prepositions show the relationship between pronouns or nouns and other words in a sentence. They often express location, direction, time, and various other relationships. Common examples of prepositions are include in, on, under, above, before, after, and between.

Importance of Prepositions

Prepositions play an important role in conveying precise meanings of sentences.

  1. She’s in the park. (location)
  2. The book is on the table. (position)
  3. The cat jumped over the fence. (direction)
  4. The party is at 3 PM. (time)

In each case, the prepositions clarify the relationships and provide context to the sentences.

100+ Useful Examples of Preposition in Sentences

1. Prepositions of Location:

Preposition Sentences
in The cat is in the box.
on The painting is on the wall.
under The ball is under the table.
beside The keys are beside the door.
among The bird’s nest is among the branches.
inside The book is inside the bag.
atop The squirrel is atop the tree.
below The shoes are below the shelf.
by The cat is resting by the fireplace.
across The restaurant is across the street.
outside The car is parked outside the garage.
within The fish are swimming within the pond.
between The pencil is between the books.
behind The sun sets behind the mountains.
on The boat is floating on the lake.
onto The cat climbed onto the roof.
upon The butterfly landed upon the flower.
in front of The dog is sleeping in front of the fireplace.
beneath The keys are hidden beneath the rug.
above The lamp is above the desk.
inside The mouse is inside the hole.
beneath The treasure is buried beneath the sand.
over The airplane is flying over the city.
against The bookshelf is against the wall.
below The fish swim below the water’s surface.

2. Prepositions of Time:

Preposition Sentences
at She wakes up at dawn.
on The concert is on Friday.
after They meet after work.
at The store closes at 9 PM.
before The party is before midnight.
during They exercise during the morning.
in She practices piano in the afternoon.
at The train arrives at 3:30 PM.
at He reads books at bedtime.
at The movie starts at 7 o’clock.
in She enjoys jogging in the evening.
on They go shopping on weekends.
in The conference is in March.
at The school bus arrives at 8 AM.
by The deadline is by the end of the month.
at The show begins at 8:30 PM.
at They celebrate New Year’s Eve at midnight.
during The event happens during summer.
before She likes to read before going to sleep.
on The fireworks display is on July 4th.
at They start work at 8 AM.
on She’s free on weekends.
in He was born in 1995.
at They have a meeting at noon.
at The store opens at 10 AM.

3. Prepositions of Direction:

Preposition Sentences
toward The river flows toward the sea.
along She walked along the path.
above The airplane is flying above the clouds.
through The car is driving through the tunnel.
to The hiker is heading to the summit.
across They sailed across the ocean.
over The cat leaped over the fence.
down He walked down the stairs.
to She threw the ball to her friend.
around The river bends around the bend.
uphill They walked uphill to reach the cabin.
alongside The ants are marching alongside the wall.
to The trail leads to the waterfall.
towards She moved towards the exit.
beyond The road extends beyond the horizon.
to The spaceship is headed to Mars.
underneath The rabbit burrowed underneath the ground.
across She swam across the river.
past The arrow flew past the target.
along He rode his bike along the beach.
from The cat jumped from the tree.
into They walked into the cave.
through The car drove through the tunnel.
up She climbed up the ladder.
toward The airplane is flying toward the sun.

4. Prepositions of Manner:

Preposition Sentences
in She whispered in a soft voice.
with He solved the puzzle with ease.
to They danced to the rhythm.
along The car sped along the highway.
with She performed the song with emotion.
with The chef cooked the meal with care.
in He spoke in a confident tone.
with She completed the project with diligence.
with They greeted each other with a hug.
with The orchestra played the music with passion.
with She ran the race with determination.
with He completed the assignment with accuracy.
with She approached the situation with caution.
with He tackled the problem with creativity.
with They decorated the room with enthusiasm.
with The artist painted the portrait with skill.
with She played the piano with grace.
with He presented the idea with clarity.
with She answered the question with confidence.
with They discussed the topic with depth.
in He walked in a straight line.
quickly She typed the report quickly.
together They worked together on the project.
heartily The friends laughed heartily.
eloquently He delivered the speech eloquently.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions

While prepositions add precise meanings in the sentences, they can also pose challenges for learners. Some common mistakes are bellow to avoid:

  1. Incorrect: He is waiting for the car in 9 o’clock. Correct: He is waiting for the car at 9 o’clock.

  2. Incorrect: He’s allergic of cats. Correct: He’s allergic to cats.

  3. Incorrect: The book is laying on the table. Correct: The book is lying on the table.

  4. Incorrect: She’s good in playing the piano. Correct: She’s good at playing the piano.

  5. Incorrect: They’re living in United States since 2015. Correct: They’ve been living in the United States since 2015.

Mastering Prepositions for Effective Communication

Mastering prepositions is essential for effective communication in English. By using prepositions correctly, you can convey precise meanings and avoid misunderstandings. The 100+ examples provided in this article offer a solid foundation for understanding how prepositions function in sentences. Additionally, being aware of common mistakes will help you enhance your overall language proficiency. So, whether you’re describing locations, times, directions, or manners, remember that prepositions play a vital role in shaping your message.