Forms of Verbs with Urdu Meaning

When it comes to know-how in the English language, one of the key elements to grasp is the various forms of verbs. Verbs play a crucial function in sentence shape and convey the motion or kingdom of being. In this article, we delve into the different forms of verbs with Urdu meaning in detail, exploring their features and usage. 

Forms of  Verb

Verbs can tackle different forms to express various factors, which include tense, mood, and voice. Expertise in these forms is essential for constructing grammatically accurate and significant sentences.

Base Form (Infinitive)

The base form also referred to as the infinitive, is the best and simplest form of the verb. It is frequently preceded by the word “to” and does not suggest any tense or subject agreement. For example, “to eat”, “to walk” and “to read” are infinitives.

Present Participle

The present participle is used to form the progressive tenses and gerunds. This tense is formed by adding “-ing” with the base form of the verb. For example, “You are eating launch”.

Past Participle

The past participle is used to form the perfect tenses and passive voice. It’s formed by adding “-ed” or “-en” to regular verbs or using irregular forms. 

Imperative Mood

The imperative mood form of the verb is used to request or give commands. It’s formed using the base form of the verb without a subject. For example: “Please, take a seat.” or “Sit down”.

Conditional Forms

Conditional forms express conditions or hypothetical situations. Those verbs are often fashioned using the usage of the auxiliary verb “could” with the base form of the main verb.

Forms of verbs with Urdu meaning

English Verb Base Form Past Simple Past Participle Present Participle Urdu Meaning
Accept Accept Accepted Accepted Accepting قبول کرنا
Achieve Achieve Achieved Achieved Achieving حاصل کرنا
Act Act Acted Acted Acting کام کرنا
Add Add Added Added Adding شامل کرنا
Admire Admire Admired Admired Admiring تعریف کرنا
Advise Advise Advised Advised Advising مشورہ دینا
Agree Agree Agreed Agreed Agreeing موافق ہونا
Amuse Amuse Amused Amused Amusing دل بہلانا
Appear Appear Appeared Appeared Appearing نظر آنا
Arrange Arrange Arranged Arranged Arranging ترتیب دینا
Ask Ask Asked Asked Asking پوچھنا
Attack Attack Attacked Attacked Attacking حملہ کرنا
Bake Bake Baked Baked Baking بیک کرنا
Bark Bark Barked Barked Barking بھونکنا
Bathe Bathe Bathed Bathed Bathing نہانا
Behave Behave Behaved Behaved Behaving پیش آنا
Believe Believe Believed Believed Believing یقین کرنا
Boil Boil Boiled Boiled Boiling اُبالنا
Borrow Borrow Borrowed Borrowed Borrowing ادھار لینا
Bounce Bounce Bounced Bounced Bouncing اچھلنا
Brush Brush Brushed Brushed Brushing برش کرنا
Build Build Built Built Building تعمیر کرنا
Burn Burn Burned Burnt Burning جلنا
Buy Buy Bought Bought Buying خریدنا
Call Call Called Called Calling بلانا
Carry Carry Carried Carried Carrying اٹھانا
Catch Catch Caught Caught Catching پکڑنا
Celebrate Celebrate Celebrated Celebrated Celebrating منانا
Change Change Changed Changed Changing تبدیل کرنا
Chase Chase Chased Chased Chasing پیچھا کرنا
Cheat Cheat Cheated Cheated Cheating دھوکا دینا
Choose Choose Chose Chosen Choosing منتخب کرنا
Clean Clean Cleaned Cleaned Cleaning صفائی کرنا
Climb Climb Climbed Climbed Climbing چڑھنا
Close Close Closed Closed Closing بند کرنا
Collect Collect Collected Collected Collecting جمع کرنا
Come Come Came Come Coming آنا
Compete Compete Competed Competed Competing مقابلہ کرنا
Complain Complain Complained Complained Complaining شکایت کرنا
Complete Complete Completed Completed Completing مکمل کرنا
Cook Cook Cooked Cooked Cooking پکانا
Correct Correct Corrected Corrected Correcting درست کرنا
Count Count Counted Counted Counting شمار کرنا
Crawl Crawl Crawled Crawled Crawling رینگنا
Create Create Created Created Creating پیدا کرنا
Cry Cry Cried Cried Crying رونا
Dance Dance Danced Danced Dancing ناچنا
Decorate Decorate Decorated Decorated Decorating سجانا
Define Define Defined Defined Defining تعریف کرنا
Demand Demand Demanded Demanded Demanding مطالبہ کرنا
Describe Describe Described Described Describing بیان کرنا
Destroy Destroy Destroyed Destroyed Destroying تباہ کرنا
Develop Develop Developed Developed Developing ترقی دینا
Die Die Died Died Dying مرنا
Discuss Discuss Discussed Discussed Discussing مناظرہ کرنا
Dive Dive Dived Dived Diving غوطہ لینا
Draw Draw Drew Drawn Drawing کھینچنا
Dress Dress Dressed Dressed Dressing لباس پہننا
Drink Drink Drank Drunk Drinking پینا
Drive Drive Drove Driven Driving گاڑی چلانا
Earn Earn Earned Earned Earning کمانا
Eat Eat Ate Eaten Eating کھانا
Enjoy Enjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed Enjoying لطف اٹھانا
Examine Examine Examined Examined Examining جائزہ لینا
Excite Excite Excited Excited Exciting برہم کرنا
Explain Explain Explained Explained Explaining وضاحت دینا
Express Express Expressed Expressed Expressing اظہار کرنا
Face Face Faced Faced Facing منہ کرنا
Fail Fail Failed Failed Failing ناکام ہونا
Fall Fall Fell Fallen Falling گرنا
Feed Feed Fed Fed Feeding کھلانا
Feel Feel Felt Felt Feeling محسوس کرنا
Fight Fight Fought Fought Fighting لڑنا
Find Find Found Found Finding تلاش کرنا
Finish Finish Finished Finished Finishing مکمل کرنا
Fix Fix Fixed Fixed Fixing مرمت کرنا
Fly Fly Flew Flown Flying پرواز کرنا
Follow Follow Followed Followed Following پیروی کرنا
Forgive Forgive Forgave Forgiven Forgiving بخشنا
Freeze Freeze Froze Frozen Freezing جمنا
Get Get Got Got Getting حاصل کرنا
Give Give Gave Given Giving دینا
Go Go Went Gone Going جانا
Grow Grow Grew Grown Growing بڑھنا
Hang Hang Hung Hung Hanging لٹکانا
Have Have Had Had Having رکھنا
Hear Hear Heard Heard Hearing سننا
Help Help Helped Helped Helping مدد کرنا
Hide Hide Hid Hidden Hiding چھپانا
Hit Hit Hit Hit Hitting مارنا
Hold Hold Held Held Holding پکڑنا
Hope Hope Hoped Hoped Hoping امید کرنا
Hurt Hurt Hurt Hurt Hurting زخمی کرنا
Imagine Imagine Imagined Imagined Imagining تصور کرنا
Improve Improve Improved Improved Improving بہتر کرنا
Include Include Included Included Including شامل کرنا
Influence Influence Influenced Influenced Influencing تاثر ڈالنا
Inform Inform Informed Informed Informing معلوم کرنا
Insist Insist Insisted Insisted Insisting ضرورت کرنا
Intend Intend Intended Intended Intending ارادہ کرنا
Introduce Introduce Introduced Introduced Introducing متعارف کرنا
Involve Involve Involved Involved Involving شامل کرنا
Jump Jump Jumped Jumped Jumping کودنا
Keep Keep Kept Kept Keeping رکھنا
Kick Kick Kicked Kicked Kicking لات مارنا
Kill Kill Killed Killed Killing قتل کرنا
Kiss Kiss Kissed Kissed Kissing بوس دینا
Knock Knock Knocked Knocked Knocking دستک دینا
Know Know Knew Known Knowing جاننا
Laugh Laugh Laughed Laughed Laughing ہنسنا
Learn Learn Learned Learned Learning سیکھنا
Leave Leave Left Left Leaving چھوڑنا
Like Like Liked Liked Liking پسند کرنا
Listen Listen Listened Listened Listening سننا
Live Live Lived Lived Living جینا
Look Look Looked Looked Looking دیکھنا
Love Love Loved Loved Loving محبت کرنا
Make Make Made Made Making بنانا
Manage Manage Managed Managed Managing منظم کرنا
Matter Matter Mattered Mattered Mattering اہمیت رکھنا
Mean Mean Meant Meant Meaning مطلب ہونا
Meet Meet Met Met Meeting ملنا
Mention Mention Mentioned Mentioned Mentioning ذکر کرنا
Miss Miss Missed Missed Missing چھوٹ جانا
Move Move Moved Moved Moving حرکت کرنا
Need Need Needed Needed Needing ضرورت ہونا
Notice Notice Noticed Noticed Noticing نوٹس کرنا
Obtain Obtain Obtained Obtained Obtaining حاصل کرنا
Offer Offer Offered Offered Offering پیش کرنا
Open Open Opened Opened Opening کھولنا
Order Order Ordered Ordered Ordering حکم دینا
Owe Owe Owed Owed Owing قرض ہونا
Paint Paint Painted Painted Painting رنگین کرنا
Park Park Parked Parked Parking پارک کرنا
Pass Pass Passed Passed Passing گزرنا
Pay Pay Paid Paid Paying ادا کرنا
Perform Perform Performed Performed Performing انجام دینا
Play Play Played Played Playing کھیلنا
Please Please Pleased Pleased Pleasing خوش کرنا
Point Point Pointed Pointed Pointing اشارہ کرنا
Post Post Posted Posted Posting پوسٹ کرنا
Prefer Prefer Preferred Preferred Preferring ترجیح دینا
Prepare Prepare Prepared Prepared Preparing تیار کرنا
Pretend Pretend Pretended Pretended Pretending بننا
Prevent Prevent Prevented Prevented Preventing روکنا
Produce Produce Produced Produced Producing پیدا کرنا
Promise Promise Promised Promised Promising وعدہ کرنا
Protect Protect Protected Protected Protecting حفاظت کرنا
Provide Provide Provided Provided Providing فراہم کرنا
Pull Pull Pulled Pulled Pulling کھینچنا
Push Push Pushed Pushed Pushing دھکیلنا


Understanding the different forms of the verb is vital for effective communication and writing in English. By grasping the nuances of each form, you can construct grammatically correct sentences and convey your intended meaning accurately.