Future Indefinite Tense Structure, Formula, Forms, Examples, Sentence

The Future Indefinite Tense is a verb tense that’s used to talk about things that have not happened yet. e.g: It will rain tomorrow.

The future indefinite tense is used to express actions or events that will happen in the future.


  1. Future plans: You can use this tense to talk about your intentions, plans, or predictions for the future.

    • I will visit my grandparents next weekend.
    • She will start a new job in September.
    • We will have a party for his birthday.
  2. Predictions or assumptions: The future indefinite tense can be used to make predictions or assumptions about future events based on present evidence or circumstances.

    • The weather forecast says it will rain tomorrow.
    • I think she will win the competition.
    • The train will probably be late again.
  3. Spontaneous decisions or offers: You can use this tense to express a spontaneous decision or offer made at the moment of speaking.

    • I’m hungry. I think I will order a pizza.
    • The phone is ringing. I’ll answer it.
  4. Promises or commitments: The future indefinite tense can be used to make promises, agreements, or commitments for the future.

    • I will help you with your project.
    • He will meet you at the airport.
    • They will send the report by the end of the week.
  5. Scheduled events: You can use this tense to talk about scheduled events or activities in the future.

    • The concert will take place on Saturday.
    • The meeting will start at 9 a.m.
    • They will have a conference next month.

Structure of Sentence:

Sentences Formula Examples
Positive  Subject + will/shell + Base form(V1) + object
  • I will never eat apple.
  • He will play the piano.
  • They will play football daily.
  • You will do exactly as I say.
  • We shall move to another city.
Negative Subject + will/shell + not + Base form(V1) + object
  • I will not never eat apple.
  • He will not play the piano.
  • They will not play football daily.
  • We shall not move to another city.
Question will/shell + subject + Base form(V1) + object + ?
  • Will I never eat apple.
  • Will he play the piano.
  • Will they play football daily.
  • Will you do exactly as I say.
  • Shell we move to another city.

Forms of Sentence

Positive / affirmative

I + will/shell + main verb
you + will + main verb
he + will + main verb
she + will + main verb
it + will + main verb
we + will/shell + main verb
they + will + main verb


Negative Negative Short Form
will/shell not I won’t
you will not you won’t
he will not he won’t
she will not she won’t
it will not it won’t
we will/shell not we won’t
they will not they won’t

Question / interrogative

Yes / No Questions
will/shell I ?
will you ?
will he ?
will she ?
will it ?
will/shell we ?
will they ?


Positive Sentences

Positive of “work” Positive of “study Positive of “go
I will work I will study I will go
You will work You will study You will go
He will work He will study He will go
She will work She will study She will go
It will work It will study It will go
We will work We will study We will go
They will work They will study They will go

Negative Sentences

Negative Negative Short Form
will not work won’t work
You will not work You won‘t work
He will not work He won‘t work
She will not work She won‘t work
It will not work It won’t work
We will not work We won’t work
They will not work They won’t work

Question Sentences

Yes / No questions
Will work ?
Will you work ?
Will he work ?
Will she work ?
Will it work ?
Will we work ?
Will they work ?
Wh Questions Question Sentence
where Will I work ? Where will I work
what Will you work ? What will you work
why Will he work ? Why will he work
who Will she work ? Who will she work
when Will we work ? When will we work
how Will they work ? How will they work

The future indefinite tense is used when the exact time of the action is not specified. If you want to be more specific about the timing, you can use other future tenses like the future continuous or future perfect.

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