75+ examples of present continuous tense

The present continuous tense is a fundamental aspect of English grammar that adds depth and context to our everyday conversations and written expressions. The examples of present continuous tense are very important to understand to speak and write English more effectively and clearly. Present Continuous Tense You know how in English, we talk about stuff […]

Past Continuous Tense in Urdu

Past Continuous Tense in Urdu The Past Continuous tense in Urdu is used to describe an ongoing or continuous action that was happening in the past. It emphasizes that the action was in progress at a specific time in the past or was interrupted by another event. The structure of the Past Continuous tense in […]


Past Continuous Tense Structure, Examples Past continuous tense expresses continuing action that was happening at some point in the past. The past continuous is made from the past tense of the verb be and the –ing form of a verb. Subject Verb Present participle I was Present participle (-ing) form He / she / it […]