Vocabulary encompasses the words and phrases a person knows, understands, and uses to communicate and express themselves. It includes both general words and specialized terms related to specific fields or areas of interest.


  1. Communication: Vocabulary plays a crucial role in communication. Having a wide range of words at your disposal allows you to convey your thoughts, ideas, and emotions accurately. It enables effective verbal and written communication with others.

  2. Comprehension: A strong vocabulary enhances comprehension skills. When reading or listening to others, a broad vocabulary helps you understand the meaning, nuances, and subtleties of the language. It enables you to grasp complex concepts and ideas more easily.

  3. Writing and Expression: A rich vocabulary enhances writing skills. It allows you to choose appropriate words, employ varied sentence structures, and create vivid descriptions. A diverse vocabulary enhances your ability to express yourself clearly, creatively, and persuasively.

  4. Critical Thinking: Vocabulary aids critical thinking and reasoning. When faced with complex problems or situations, a wide range of words allows you to analyze, evaluate, and articulate your thoughts effectively. It helps you express your opinions, engage in discussions, and present logical arguments.

Importance in Daily Life:

  1. Personal Growth: Expanding your vocabulary promotes personal growth. It broadens your knowledge, understanding, and awareness of the world. It enables you to engage in various topics, explore new ideas, and appreciate different cultures, thus enhancing personal development.

  2. Academic Success: A robust vocabulary contributes to academic success. It helps in understanding textbooks, lectures, and academic materials across different subjects. A wide vocabulary aids in comprehending complex concepts, writing essays, and performing well in exams.

  3. Career Advancement: A strong vocabulary is beneficial for career advancement. Effective communication and expression are highly valued in professional settings. A diverse vocabulary enables you to articulate ideas, engage in discussions, write reports, and convey your expertise, contributing to career growth and success.

  4. Social Interaction: A rich vocabulary enhances social interaction. It allows you to engage in meaningful conversations, connect with others, and express empathy. A varied vocabulary facilitates effective communication, building relationships, and understanding diverse perspectives.

  5. Confidence and Self-expression: Having a wide range of words at your disposal boosts confidence and self-expression. A strong vocabulary enables you to express yourself fluently, precisely, and with clarity. It allows you to communicate your thoughts, opinions, and emotions effectively, fostering self-assurance.

Vocabulary words with Urdu and English

Serial Words Meaning In Urdu
1. consider غور کریں
2. tumid گدلا
3. acquiesce تسلیم کرنا
4. accord معاہدہ
5. rubri روبرک
6. ambiguity ابہام
7. evident واضح
8. intemperance عدم برداشت
9. absence عدم موجودگی
10. be ہونا
11. Periods of time وقت کے ادوار
12. different مختلف
13. ability صلاحیت
14. Borrow ادھار لینا
15. by کی طرف سے
16. as کے طور پر
17. their ان کا
18. so تو
19. could کر سکتے ہیں
20. thing چیز
21. even یہاں تک کہ
22. state حالت
23. put ڈال
24. mean مطلب
25. seem لگتا ہے
26. turn موڑ
27. though اگرچہ
28. far دور
29. since جب سے
30. around ارد گرد
31. include شامل
32. several کئی
33. nothing کچھ نہیں
34. whether چاہے
35. early جلد
36. moment لمحہ
37. although اگرچہ
38. maybe شاید
39. toward کی طرف
40. probably شاید
41. sense احساس
42. perhaps شاید
43. former سابق
44. require ضرورت ہے
45. effort کوشش
46. pull کھینچنا
47. according کے مطابق
48. especially خاص طور پر
49. pick چنو
50. whose جس کا
51. base بنیاد
52. quite کافی
53. recent حالیہ
54. certain یقینی
55. cause وجہ
56. likely امکان
57. term مدت
58. campaign مہم
59. current موجودہ
60. involve شامل
61. certainly یقینی طور پر
62. seek تلاش کریں
63. per فی
64. despite کے باوجود
65. occur واقع
66. individual انفرادی
67. resource وسائل 
68. identify شناخت
69. determine تعین
70. disease بیماری
71. whatever جو بھی
72. argue بحث
73. ability صلاحیت
74. recognize پہچان
75. indicate اشارہ کریں
76. wonder تعجب
77. pretty خوبصورت
78. various مختلف
79. rather بلکہ
80. imagine تصور
81. impact کے اثرات
82. maintain برقرار رکھنا
83. traditional روایتی
84. reveal ظاہر کرنا
85. contain پر مشتمل
86. wide چوڑا
87. suddenly اچانک
88. throughout بھر میں
89. claim دعوی
90. able قابل
91. incorporate شامل کرنا 
92. historical تاریخی
93. Justify جواز پیش کریں۔
94. scared ڈرا ہوا
95. traditional روایتی
96. significant اہم
97. expensive مہنگا
98. willing تیار
99. rare نایاب
100. critical تنقیدی
101 Morning صبح
102 Afternoon دوپہر
103 Evening شام
104 Night رات
105 Wake up بیدار ہونا
106 Brush دانت صاف کرنا
107 Shower نہانا
108 Breakfast ناشتہ
109 Commute سفر کرنا
110 Work کام کرنا
111 Lunch دوپہر کا کھانا
112 Meetings میٹنگ
113 Break استراحت کا وقت
114 Snack نیم چائے
115 Emails ای میل
116 Phone calls فون کالز
117 Dinner رات کا کھانا
118 Exercise ورزش کرنا
119 Hobbies دلچسپیاں
120 Read پڑھنا
121 Watch TV ٹیلی ویژن دیکھنا
122 Relax آرام کرنا
123 Sleep سونا
124 Weekday ہفتے کے دن
125 Weekend ہفتے کا دن
126 Appointment ملاقات
127 Errands کام
128 Clean صفائی کرنا
129 Organize ترتیب دینا
130 Plan منصوبہ بنانا
131 Errands کام
132 Relaxation آرام
133 Productivity توانائی
134 Pen قلم
135 Pencil پنسل
136 Notebook نوٹ بک
137 Eraser ربڑ
138 Ruler پیمانہ
139 Sharpener تیز کرنے والا
140 Highlighter ممتاز کرنے والا
141 Marker مارکر
142 Stapler اسٹیپلر
143 Staples اسٹیپل
144 Paper clips کاغذ کلپ
145 Scissors قینچی
146 Glue گوند
147 Tape ٹیپ
148 Staple remover اسٹیپلر ہٹا نے والا
149 Binder بائنڈر
150 File folder فائل فولڈر
151 Index cards انڈیکس کارڈ
152 Calculator کیلکولیٹر
153 Clipboard کلپ بورڈ
154 Whiteboard سفید بورڈ
155 Post-it notes پوسٹ ات نوٹ
156 Rubber bands ربڑ بینڈ
157 Highlighter pen ممتاز قلم
158 Push pins پش پن
159 Compass جاعد
160 Protractor پروٹریکٹر
161 Drawing pins ڈراونگ پن
162 Ink سیاہی
163 Folder فولڈر
164 Sketchbook سکیچ بک
165 Notebook نوٹ بک


Feel free to incorporate these words into your writing or expand your vocabulary by exploring their meanings and usage in different contexts.

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